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Sand Blasting Room

Sand blasting room with wind recycling

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Stable, reliable and efficient sand blasting device and the nozzle with super long life.


the silencing colorbond Chambers with elegant appearance and convenient installation

The pipeline system with reliable sealing, no-aging, corrosion resisitance.

Non-standard carrying- workpiece- car, the three dimensional platform design and manufacturing

Modular design and assembly are convenient for relocation of the equipment

Perfect and reliable control system (PLC control)

Simple, minimal maintenance workload

The international famous brand electrical components and lighting systems

Three environmental guarantees: hd studio, clean sandblasting room, dedicated sandblasting protective clothing; Sound insulation design (sand blasting room, fan) - to ensure safe and comfortable work environment; This is the most advanced dust removal system in the field of international environmental protection.

Design and manufacture various non-standard sand blasting /shot peening equipment according to user requirements with a strong technical support

Turnkey engineering, or semi-manufacturing (core technology )cooperation.

Chinese and foreign cooperation realizes the perfect combination of performance and price

Device configuration and working principle

1. Open the fan and lighting, put grits into honeycomb floor .

2. Carrying -wokpieces-Car will go into the sand blasting room, close the door.

3. Outdoor air through the air inlet goes into the sand blasting room. They are pressed down like the rain from the above.

4. Open the spray gun.The compressed air (B1) into the sand tank let the grits out of mouth at the bottom of the tank. The compressed air (B2) to press the grits  into spray gun (that is the pressure type sand blasting) for sand/grit treatment.

5. When Sandblasting, grits, impurities and dust by air go into the conveying pipe under the cellular recovery  floor . transfered into the classifier by the divided pipe.