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Sand Blasting Room

Traditional sand blasting room

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This sand blasting room is mainly used for shipyard cleaning, sub parts and components processing, steel surface treadment,derusting, descaling, welding slag clean-up, strengthening the sub parts, components and steel.Let surface have a certain roughness, increase the echoing force and the strength and corrosion-resistance.

The main equipments for sand blasting include: cleaning room body, blasting systems, abrasive circulatory system, ventilation and circulation system, air supply system, flexible door lifting system, electric control system etc.. Paint drying system is mainly composed chamber body, air supply heating systems, air filtration system, air filtration system, paint mist filtration system, lighting system, electrical control system etc..

Our traditional sand blasting room has the following advantages:

1.Adopts three electric spraying guns.It not only increases the efficiency and sand blasting pressure, but also saving energy.

2.Using a high degree of automation of the blasting system.

3.Completely solve the environment pollution problem generated dust from blasting operations

4.The abrasive can be automatically recovered, sorted and stored. Thereby it can reduce the labor intensity and improve the utilization of the abrasive.

5.The production and work can not be limited by space compact.

6.It can supply the operator with sanitary conditions and safety norms of the working conditions.

7.It can maintain a certain temperature and humidity of the construction environment for the painting work.