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Scope of use of vacuum bolus suction machine

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Vacuum bolus suction machine, vacuum sand suction machine

Vacuum suction pill machine, vacuum suction sand blasting machine is a machine, sandblasting room equipment, is equipped with the cyclone dust collecting tube, dust content inside its inhalation tube first, then dust by dust drum filter, high purification efficiency, it USES single stage peripheral pump for pumping aerodynamic force, heavy suction a 4 kg weight can be iron rod suction tube, straw can be used after 50 meters long fruit is still preferred. Vacuum shot absorption machine, vacuum sand absorption can not only absorb dust and particle smoke, fiber, but also absorb dust with water, oil.

Vacuum pill machine, vacuum suction sand machine is suitable for high altitude, roof truss, crane, ground, pit, pool, sewage, deep concave corner place and equipment of wet dust, dry slag, sludge, grease, fiber cotton, soot dust cleaning, also can used for powder materials pneumatic transportation, scattered material recycling and ascension, the hoisting height, can reach 15 meters, wide range of USES, is the industrial production, Environmental protection both of the advanced equipment.

Vacuum shot suction machine, vacuum sand suction machine is shot blasting machine, sandblasting room supporting equipment mainly used in:

(1) Cleaning of floating sand in the casting sand mold cavity.

(2) Clean up iron filings after machining of cast iron.

(3) After shot peening treatment, steel shot cleaning.

(4) In the aluminum industry, the recovery of alumina powder in the electrolytic aluminum workshop and the cleaning of carbon blocks and bowls in the carbon workshop.

(5) refractory material factory child stone, quartz sand cleaning and recovery.

(6) Clean the ground, equipment and electrical control cabinet of thermal power plant.

(7) Material cleaning and recovery in cement, chemical, rare earth and other industries.

(8) Vacuum shot absorber is used for cleaning and recycling of rubber powder of powder point machine in lining cloth factory.


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