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Sand Blasting Room

Peening machine with automatic garbage collection

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This type of Sandblasting machine, sandblasting room performance parameters:

Working power supply: 380 v, 50 hz

Air pressure: 5-7 kg/cm2

The gas consumption: 4-6 m3 / min

Motor power: 2 x 4 kw

Work efficiency: 13-20 m2 / h

The radius: rated: 20 m longest: 45 m

Work: the automatic recycling

Cleanup levels: Sa2-3

Roughness: 20 to 100 microns

Weight: 400 kg

Dimension: 1850 * 960 * 1830 mm

Sand material specifications: 12-100 # above (1.6 0.06 mm)

Performance characteristics:

1.The efficient environmental protection: The sand ,dust ,rust ,fouling paint can automatically recycle after the separation filter.That is abrasive recycling

2.No dust and pollution:Actual testing dust contamination rate: 100%

3.The counter blowing system can automatically clean the dust in filter and protect the filter life.

4.The water filtering device can ensure gas supply dry and clean

5.The shortcut button device is equipped with the pressure regulating knob, the counter blowing knob

6.Increased work operating radius :The working radius can be 40 meters.The surface treatment level can reach Sa2.5 - level 3

7.Its structure is car type with waterproof and dustproof. It is convenient to move.

8.The control is convenient and safe .40 meters wireless remote control with handle dual mode.

9.Energy saving and configuration portable :sand blasting operation components adopt  lightweight design

10.It has special airtight peening operation ability with long distance and high narrow environment

11.Various model of abrasive materials are available.

12.The energy saving control mode : The mode is flexible switch 7.5 and 15 motor according to the requirements of working radius.

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