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Overall mobility sandblasting room

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Overall mobility sandblasting room

The overall mobile sandblasting room (also known as mobile sandblasting room, container sandblasting room, standard sandblasting room) is the sandblasting room body, sandblasting host, sand material recovery system, sand material sorting system, dust removal system, electric control system are all installed in a closed box. As long as the user connects the power and air source, the container sandblasting room can carry out normal sandblasting operation.

The container mobile sandblasting room has the following remarkable characteristics:

1) Container installation, the user can freely move the position of the sandblasting room, convenient sandblasting operation;

2) Sandblasting room without foundation, can be directly placed on the ground, reducing the investment cost of equipment;

3) The scraper conveyor is used for recycling to realize the automatic recycling of sand materials;

4) A wide range of abrasive, container type mobile sandblasting room is scraper recycling abrasive, suitable for all abrasives.

5) Fast replacement of abrasive type, container type mobile container type sandblasting room can quickly recover abrasive and clean dust, can quickly replace abrasive according to process requirements, in order to achieve the processing of different materials of the workpiece.

6) The container type mobile sandblasting room adopts the filter type dust collector, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection, reduces the area of equipment and improves the dust filtration accuracy; Mobile sandblasting room.png


Introduction to the composition and performance of each system of the container mobile sandblasting room:

Container portable sand blasting room is mainly composed of sand body, sandblasting host, scraper sand recycling system, sand material separation system, filter cartridge dust removal system, electric control system, each system installed in a closed container all the casing, to implement the standardization of container type sand blasting room and mobility, is a kind of brand-new convenient sandblasting room.

Sandblasting room body: the container can be mobile sandblasting room body made of containers, can be a variety of standard container box, may also be made into other non-standard size box, in order to facilitate the application of different size of the workpiece sandblasting derusting operation.

Sandblasting main machine: Container of portable sandblasting room sandblasting host USES Qingdao friendly company specially designed for automatic sand blasting system automatic container type sand blasting room, these specially designed for sand blasting room and container type sand blasting room give full consideration to the stability and the requirement of automation, sandblasting machine sand valves and other control element is using the world first-class brand products, Some key components are specially developed for the sandblasting system to achieve high stability and wear resistance characteristics.

Scraper sand material recovery system: the sand material recovery of the container mobile sandblasting room is composed of scraper conveyor and bucket elevator (bucket lifting machine). Scraper sand material recovery system is composed of: Cylinder, two-way solenoid valve, guide wheel, scraper, special wear-resistant vacuum rubber plate composition, scraper sand recycling system is based on the principle of reciprocating cylinder stroke, the abrasive deposited in the bottom of the shot bucket is pushed to the transverse screw conveyor, is currently in the abrasive recycling system in the domestic environmental protection, energy saving new products.

Sand sorting system: the sand sorting device of the container mobile sandblasting room is the curtain type sand and dust sorting device, which can adjust the sorting granularity according to the size of sand particles.

Filter cartridge dust removal system: The dust removal system of the container mobile sandblasting room adopts the filter cartridge dust collector, the filter cartridge dust collector adopts the original Donaldson technology, the filter cartridge adopts the United States Donaldson products, and the filter material uses Ultra-Web. Solenoid valve, pulse valve selection of domestic joint venture brand products.