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Sand Blasting Room

Self-sucktion of sand blasting machine

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Environmental protection type of sandblasting machine with spraying and absorbing characteristics :

Abrasive 100% automatic recovery, automatic sorting, automatic cycle, no pollution;

Surface treatment: clean degree Sa2.5, Sa3 (ISO8501-1);

Surface treatment: clean degree index SR0.5-150um (ISO8503-1);

Blasting mode pressure feed and feeding, vacuum sand return pneumatic and electric two optional.

Simple operation, mobile and flexible, advanced, unique, reliable control mode.

"While the spraying suction" application scope in the expanding, mainly suitable for workplace blasting site requirements and no pollution, and a small area of the construction site of the blast and repairing operation. Typical application in plastics extrusion roller, roller, rubber roller surface metal of fine sand, only the models to be truly "online" "environmental protection" function, but also can not be replaced in the environmental advantages of this type of weld repair etc..


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