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Maintenance skills of shot blasting machine

Writer: admin Time:2019-09-18 03:17:09 Browse:220℃

When the shot blasting machine is put into production after installation and commissioning, it must be maintained in strict accordance with its necessary maintenance procedures.

1. The guard plate, blade, impeller, directional sleeve and shot dividing wheel of the shot blasting machine shall be inspected twice every shift, and shall be replaced immediately in case of damage.

2. The electrical system shall be subject to secondary inspection.

3. All transmission parts shall be inspected twice a week.

4. The operator shall check the cleaning effect at any time, and stop the machine immediately in case of any abnormality, and conduct overall inspection on the equipment.

5. All oil filling points of the equipment must be regularly filled with oil, lubricating oil or grease according to the requirements of their parts.

6. The seals must be checked every day and replaced immediately if damaged.

7. Check the protective plate of the chamber every day and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

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