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Causes of flying sand during use of shot blasting machine

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Generally speaking, the shot blasting machine shall be properly maintained according to the operating procedures. It is not easy to have shot leakage when the shot blasting machine is applied. However, if the equipment has shot leakage, it indicates that serious common faults have occurred in the equipment. At this time, it is necessary to immediately find out the reasons and solve them. Otherwise, the delay will always reduce the working efficiency of the equipment.

What is the reason for the leakage of shot blasting cleaning machine?

1. At the entrance and exit of the swing bed shot blasting machine, shot leakage is more frequent. It is mainly due to the appearance of the workpiece, and some steel shot will be produced. After the steel plate shot blasting machine manufacturer has shot blasting and derusting, some steel shot will leak into the pavement, and some steel shot is likely to remain on the workpiece. If it is not cleaned, it will flow with the workpiece to the next process flow;

2. During the operation of the mesh belt shot blasting machine, it will also suffer certain damage. With a certain period of application, the airtightness of the shot blasting machine will be reduced, and more and more steel shots will be seen under the door frame, the door hinge, and even the standard parts;

3. At the top of the shot blasting and derusting chamber of the hook shot blasting machine, because the galvanized steel wire rope of the electric hoist is not sealed, the steel shot will bounce when it is thrown into the surface of the workpiece. The trajectory of the bounce motion is variable, and it is likely that a small part of the steel shot will fly out.

Therefore, we need not be alarmed when we encounter the problem of shot leakage from the shot blasting machine. The inclined roller shot blasting machine can carry out a rapid inspection according to the above-mentioned contents, and then immediately find out the root cause of the equipment shot leakage. In that way, we can purposefully take certain measures to deal with it, which is both rapid and reasonable.