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Shot Blasting Machine

The cylinder riveting machine neck

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The cylinder rivet neck machine is a special equipment used to riveting the neck of the cylinder. The horizontal structure is used to facilitate the logistics and transportation of the workpiece, including the bed, hydraulic positioning mechanism, hydraulic station, riveting neck power head system, electrical system and so on. The operation is stable and reliable. 

It is a special steel bottle equipment for the manufacturer of the gas cylinder.

Two, the parameters of the cylinder 

The length of the cylinder: 830 ~ 2200mm, 

Diameter less than 406 

Weight of bottle body: less than 220kg 

Three. Field working environment Relative humidity: less than 85% Compressed air: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa Four. 

Technical specifications and requirements of cylinder riveting machine

4.1 production plan and usage: 8 hours / class, 2 classes / day, 252 days / year. 

4.2 beat: 60 hours / hour (including loading and unloading time) 

4.3 hydraulic system pressure: 16 Mpa 

4.4 rivet neck power head: Power: 1.5KW Double roller roller compacted structure

4.5 hydraulic power station power: 18.5KW 

4.6 gas source: 0.6-0.7MPa. 

4.7 total power: 20.1KW Five. Technical requirements of cylinder riveting machine 

5.1 manual control, the appropriate position of each cylinder and moving parts is added with a limit switch, and the cycle works continuously. 

5.2 the roller of the supporting bottle body adjusts the height conveniently, and is suitable for riveting the neck collar with different diameter of the bottle body. 

5.3 neck and bottle assembly should not be loosened and skewed. 

5.4 the neck collar can bear at least 10 times the weight of the empty bottle without falling off. The 

5.5 neck can bear at least 300Nm of torque. There is no sharp burr at the 

5.6 riveting place. 

5.7 the hydraulic system adopts air cooling. 

5.8 manual operation button up and down. Cylinder scraper, cylinder riveting machine, cylinder valve machine, cylinder equipment, swing bed shot blasting machine, inclined cylinder shot blasting machine, continuous drum shot blasting machine