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Shot Blasting Machine

Shot peening tank/cans

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The shot peening cans is composed of hopper, valves housing, cut-off valve, the air charging valve, enriched blast valve, globe reversing valve, air handling systems and the main parts such as pipeline etc.(This is important and corollary equipment for sand blasting room).Shot peening  tank is filled of the abrasive .When the pressure has accured in this pipe, the abrasive will go into the mixing chamber with  enriched blast valve through the cone bucket in the bottom of tank under the action of  the gas pressure and its own gravity. Then the grits and gas will flow out seperately through the output pipe and nozzle with the speed of 60 meters per second. The hopper is in the tope of shot peening tank.There is one mesh screen in the hopper to prevent the peening valve from being blocked with sundries and debris. Tank is mainly used as abrasive storeage. Upper part is equipped with feeding valve and level gage.The enriched blast valve is  in the bottom of this tank. In the middle there are gas source treating system and controlling system.For maintenance convenience, we designed access port in the top of tank.



dabrasion resistance and long service life. Its electrical controlling phase is combined.It is easy to long distance control.

Stseries of shot peening tanks can apply to:

1. clean the residual sand, scale and other particles on the surface of the casting after the falling sand.

2. clean the rust on the surface of the steel section bar and steel pipe.And remove the oxide skin on the surface of the forging, welding and heat treatment of workpieces.

3. As a supplement to the shotblast cleaning, repair for cleaning the dead Angle and complex inner cavity of the workpieces.