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Internal cleaning and sand blasting treatment of seamless steel pipe before plastic lining

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Internal cleaning and sand blasting of seamless steel pipe before plastic lining:

1. All seamless steel pipes shall be subject to sand blasting before assembly to remove the floating rust and oxide scale inside the seamless pipes, so as to ensure the cleanliness inside the pipes. Qingdao youyou casting machine Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of plastic lined pipe inner wall sand blasting machine and steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine.

2. After sandblasting, both ends of the seamless steel pipe shall be sealed in time, and the blanking valve shall be used to prevent sundries from entering the pipe and re oxidizing and rusting inside the pipe. The pipe sealing can be made by special blanking plate or by binding with plastic cloth and adhesive tape.

3. The oil pipeline shall be subject to acid cleaning and purged with compressed air before combined installation.