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Protection method of internal cleanliness during pipeline assembly installation

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Internal cleanliness protection during pipe assembly installation:

1.Mechanical cutting shall be used for blanking of seamless steel pipes as much as possible. If acetylene and oxygen cutting must be used, the fire welding slag and the inside of the pipe orifice shall be cleaned timely after cutting to prevent oxide scale and iron chips from entering the pipe.

2. The groove of seamless steel pipe shall be machined as much as possible (beveling machine must be used for the four major pipelines of Beijing oil fume purifier, etc.) to prevent slag and oxide from entering the pipeline. If fire welding is used to make the groove, the slag and oxide in the pipe must be cleaned, and the surrounding of the groove shall be polished smooth with a grinder until the metal luster is exposed.

3. When the plastic lining construction of seamless steel pipe is interrupted, it must be sealed in time to prevent sundries from falling.

4. During construction, pay attention to check the inside of the seamless steel pipe lined with plastic, and do not place gloves, tools, etc. inside the seamless steel pipe lined with plastic. Before alignment, a special person shall check the inside of the pipeline and confirm that there is no object before alignment.