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Shot Blasting Machine

Threading machine for inner wall of plastic lined pipe

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Lining plastic pipe inner wall wire machine, lining plastic pipe inner wall turning machine The inner wall of the steel tube is processed with the inner wall of the plastic tube by the wire machine before the steel tube is lined with plastic, so as to ensure that the inner wall of the plastic tube and the steel tube are closely


 connected without falling off. Inner wall processing machine for plastic tube lining: Steel-plastic composite pipe, compared with the plastic pipe has the characteristics of high pressure, strong impact resistance; The inner layer of plastic has played an anti-corrosion role, with smooth inner wall, chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, small fluid resistance, no scaling, no breeding of microorganisms, fluid from secondary pollution and other advantages, the service life of up to 50 years. The pipe overcomes the defects of easy corrosion, pollution, heavy, short service life and low strength, large expansion and easy deformation of plastic pipe, and has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, such as good oxygen insulation, higher rigidity and strength, and easy detection of buried pipe. The firmness of the inner plastic lining directly affects the product quality of the plastic lining pipe. The inner wall turning machine of the plastic lining pipe developed by Qingdao friendly casting machine can turn the inner wall of the steel pipe through the inner wall of the steel pipe turning machine to increase the roughness of the inner wall of the steel pipe, greatly enhance the firmness of the plastic lining, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the product quality. Plastic energy characteristics of steel tube lining Good mechanical strength, high compression strength, stable performance; Small coefficient of linear expansion, open deformation;

 (3) excellent corrosion resistance, prevent external corrosion, internal corrosion, ensure the service life of up to 50 years; The wall is smooth, the coefficient of resistance is small; The new double hot melt connection -- safer and more economical steel tube inner wall cleaning machine application field: construction engineering is suitable for public buildings, residential water supply pipeline. Municipal engineering: suitable for urban water supply pipeline system, gas transmission system. Industrial field: can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining and other fields The steel and plastic pipe inner wall processing machine developed by Qingdao friendly casting machine co., LTD. Can clean 4, 6 and 8 pieces at a time according to the user's production requirements by turning the inner wall of the steel pipe and increasing the roughness to improve the adhesion of the liner plastic pipe Cleaning range processing quantity cleaning efficiency

 Ф 60 - ф 300 1 * 4 4 / Time 0.2-6 m/Min. 

The steel-plastic pipe inner wall wire machine can realize the automatic loading and unloading of the steel pipe and the automatic processing of the inner wall of the steel pipe. Operation process: First of all, the automatic feeding mechanism of the steel pipe will automatically push the steel pipe on the material storage rack into the working position. After the workpiece is in place, the steel pipe holding device will automatically hold the workpiece tight. The inner wall processing tool will be driven by the carrying vehicle to process the tool on the inner wall of the steel pipe. We design a large volume dust removal system that can achieve dust recovery and dust collection. When the steel pipe is finished, the loading and unloading system will automatically remove the steel pipe, and the steel pipe will automatically roll to the unloading platform, thus realizing a working cycle.