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Working principle of water sand blasting machine

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Sand blasting derusting is a common derusting method for oil tank anticorrosion. It is not only applicable to oil tank anticorrosion, but also applicable to a large number of surface cleaning and derusting work. Sand blasting and derusting are usually carried out by water sand blasting machine. How does water sand blasting machine perform sand blasting and derusting?

Water sandblasting machine is improved on the basis of traditional sandblasting equipment. Water is injected into the sand pipe (mixed first). The abrasive and water are driven by high-pressure air and sprayed through the modified gun head to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and explosion-proof. In addition, the effect of sand blasting, paint removal and rust removal shall be ensured. Water sand blasting machine belongs to pure physical cleaning equipment. When used, it only needs to connect the power supply and water source, without adding any chemical agents. It is a high-tech product vigorously promoted by the green and environmental protection country.

Working principle of water blasting machine:

The substrate surface is cleaned and roughened by the impact force of high-speed sand flow. The compressed air is used as the power to form a high-speed jet beam, and the jet material (copper ore, quartz sand, carborundum, iron sand, Hainan sand) lamp is sprayed to the surface of the reinforcement to be processed at high speed to change the shape of the outer surface of the surface. Because the steel bar sandblasting machine is different from the dry sandblasting machine, the water jet machine is to put the sand into the water, mix the water and sand, and then use the sand pump and compressed air to conduct high-speed spraying through the spray gun. On the workpiece to be processed, the purpose of cleaning and polishing the surface of the part is achieved.

Before using the water sandblasting machine, the staff shall pay attention to: check whether the exhaust pipe of the water jet machine and the door of the automatic sandblasting machine are sealed; Wear protective articles before work. It is not allowed to operate the automatic sandblasting machine with bare arms; The sand blasting particle size shall be compatible with the work requirements, and the sand shall be kept dry; When the water blasting machine is working, irrelevant personnel shall not approach; When cleaning and adjusting the operating parts, it shall be carried out after shutdown